The festival was the best of all
Until he got smacked in the privates unacceptable
Conscience as clear as an icicle
Mind as stable as a falling bicycle...

Lyrics to Festival

Carbon Slaves

Undeniably mistakes have been made
Air-conditioned, we've become carbon slaves
An arousal of advertisers
Planting ideas for the mixed bean counters...

Lyrics to Carbon Slaves


Is it me?
Or is everyone just mesmerised
Open up your eyes
Stop consuming all these fucking lies...

Lyrics to Flies

London Eye

Blind and unjustified the London eye
As tourists swing their selfie sticks
Tweeting soulless grinning empty snaps
Click foolish leering digital vanity pics...

Lyrics to London Eye

Ryders of the Storm

Riders of the storm
Riders of the storm
Into this cage we're born
Into this world we're thrown
Like a life without a home
A spirit forced to roam

Lyrics to Ryders of the Storm...


Is every man a devil?
Is every man a liar?
Is every man an animal,
Who learned to play with fire?

Lyrics to Ananimal...