London Eye

Blind and unjustified the London eye
As tourists swing their selfie sticks
Tweeting soulless grinning empty snaps
Click foolish leering digital vanity pics

Spiders in crenellated cracks
Suck out the life of latter nations
Enwebbed the empire's pyrrhic grasp
Dissolution from its own creations

In the chambers down below
Lords are thrown a thousand subtle steers
The ghostly written ministrations
Of multi-mask'ed puppeteers

Webs to distract and deceive
Shadows behind our leaders dance
Cannibal capitalism psychopathic
The common man is bound entranced

The world divided furtively
The hidden hands that call the shots
Distraction and deception
They sell us freedom in a box

Beneath the bridge dark rivers stream
Bubbles murmur Summer's day
The sands of time and history's dream
Past glories echo far away