The festival was the best of all
Until he got smacked in the privates unacceptable
Conscience as clear as an icicle
Mind as stable as a falling bicycle
Twice as small he felt ludicrous
Cyphers filtered way beyond dubious
Less talent than Sage, B or Scroobius?
Inobvious - illuminous
Non-numinous no Peruvian
Respect the culture and the experience
No need to be getting all delirious
The results here could be extremely deleterious
Seriously though trying to push mind and feeling way too slow
Got to let go of these hectic fly-flows
These lead to high lows, side shows and minds blown

Wish I could say this is all stuff I know
(But I seem to learn far too slow)

Chop-neck protect the beasts in the nature park
Dot-com-post they’ll call him Hashmark
Brain drain ingrained we rush to the city
Too deep in our sleep to notice the shitty
Petty politically motivated intentions
High-handed arrogant contraventions
Pedantic bio-constricting conventions
Future nihilists with useless inventions

Alright-let's see
Can we be all that we can be?
Okay-let's see
Is it time for a change of scenery?

His consciousness, he was lost in it
And he wasn't yet aware of the full cost of it
Integrity as mired as the military
Failing fast without the facility of
Empathy lost in the ether
Ego inflamed worse than his urethra
Less standard than a De La or Latifah
Too often lost in the land of no belief
Payment upon receipt no repeats
Respect the passion and the technique
No chance to be resting on conceit
More unstable than the new commander in chief
The blessed relief I push my mind to the background
Mangled language that we can't salvage
Knowledge scavenged to no advantage

Wish I could say this isn't just semantics
(still naive and romantic)

Dumb-down confound the ghosts of the future past
Big bad wolf him'll take them apart
Millennial angst won't be crushed by the tanks
Our eyes are glazed as we're enslaved by the banks
Ranks of the sociopaths' psychopath henchmen
High-handed, arrogant, presumptuous
Pedantic, bio-constructing contentious
Future nihilists with wicked intentions

Alright-let's go
What will make us make it so?
Okay-let's go
It's time to realise just what we know
What we know